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Lucid Vibrations: A SubSemantics Guest Mix

Greetings Wave heads! I'm sure you've all been keeping up with the scene's developments over recent months. It's been an exciting year so far - we've had several pivotal releases from a number of influential names and collectives, including another Wavemob mixtape!

Today I'm super excited because I've got an exclusive Lucid Steps wave mix to premiere! Before I come to that, however, I want to first pay homage to a few of the big developments the scene has seen recently. 

Lucid Vibrations

Last time I dropped a post on here it was to interview the ever-talented Deadcrow ahead of his Terrorythm release - the awesome Light Trails EP. In case you missed that interview, you can catch it here. That was back in February. 

In August, Plastician released 'Wavepool 2' - a plethora of phenomenal tunes which showcased almost every facet of the sound and features artists from every corner of the movement. With this mix and full-length album, Plastician reminded us of his expert curating ability. 

Plastician's 'Wavepool 2' dropped last month

Plastician has been a hugely influential figure in bringing the scene together and with this release he provided yet another comprehensive collection of tunes which will doubtlessly bring a generation of new listeners to the sound. All of the biggest, most influential names feature on this journey through the different shades of Wave. If for any reason you haven't heard 'Wavepool 2' (or if you want to listen to it again) you can do that here.

Wavemob also dropped their third mixtape - 'Wave 003' - back in July. The tape focused on sombre tones, showcasing a mature side to the sound, with Wavemob staples featuring alongside some new additions. Perhaps the most well-known collective in the scene, Wavemob proved they've still got it and that although their releases are few and far between - the wait is very much worth it, because what comes out is always top quality! Listen to that and purchase it here.

Wavemob's 'Wave 003' compilation
Skit's label Yusoul also recently dropped a compilation of emotive Wave sounds simply entitled 'Yusoul Volume 2'. Skit's label has played a vital part in curating Wave gigs in and around London and promoting the Wave sound through Radar Radio shows, but with this recent release Yusoul establishes itself as a reputable outlet for influential Wave sounds. The EP is hauntingly beautiful and as I recently wrote, adds a 'new silken layer' to the Wave consciousness! Listen to and cop that right here!

At the risk of this becoming a super-long post, I also want to draw attention to the huge success Liquid Ritual have enjoyed so far - founded by Kareful, Stohou and LTHL. If you're not up to date with LR, check them out here.

Their launch party back in August was an unforgettable night which showcased an array of experimental sounds and attracted one of the biggest audiences I have personally seen at a UK Wave night. To me, it proved that the LR team not only know how to throw a party but also have the potential to curate nights which will catapult the UK scene to the forefront of underground electronic music. I wrote a review of that night for Liquid Ritual's blog, which you can check out here

Since the label's inception in May, the boys have already released eight tracks. These have both come from scene dons such as Vacant and Deadcrow, as well as from complete newcomers such as SOKOs and Hefu. The label really is doing what it set out to do - 'pushing people that [they] believe in, regardless of their following and regardless of where they're from'.

The Liquid Ritual boys have been making waves recently

It is with that sentiment in mind that I introduce Lucid Steps' first ever guestmix, courtesy of multi-genre DJ SubSemantics! Although SubSemantics is little-known with a very humble following, he is a talented DJ with a passion for Wave and I want to use my platform to get him some of the recognition I know he deserves!

The 2-hour piece is an immersive, Wave-focused journey full of ups, downs and suprises: 

SubSemantics has this to say of his mix:

This particular composition explores the mixing potential of the genre, as the tunes were not initially built with the club or DJ in mind, and span a wide array of tempos. I tried to use a wide variety of artists from around the world, and also threw in some non-Wave tracks in order to add my own flavor and further show the potential that the music has to be played out in clubs, and blended with other bass music genres.”

It's great to see how Wave has inspired DJs at all stages of their careers to experiment and create. I’m proud to use the Lucid Steps platform to support emerging DJs and undiscovered talent - if any DJs interested in the Wave genre are reading this - please don't hesitate to get in touch, i'd love to showcase more guestmixes in the near future!


1. foxwedding - Hell of a Thing (wavemob)
2. Klimeks - Reborn (wavemob)
3. DEITY - Chrystal Chasm (Self-Released)
4. NYQUILL - I Didn't Need You (wavemob)
5. Hermei - Tokyo Girl (Self-Released)
6. Laire - Nobodies (Free Download)
7. Klimeks - Odyssey (Self-Released)
8. Skit & Klimeks - Azimuth (wavemob)
9. Vacant - Hiraeth (Self-Released)
10. Amit - Survivor (Amar)
11. FIVE SUNS - Nahua (Free Download)
12. Sorsari - Know Your Worth (wavemob)
13. Klasey Jones - Cement (Terrorhythm)
14. DEITY - Celestial Haven (Self-Released)
15. d o w n s t a t e - Devil Worship You (SVBKVLT)
16. Kareful - Darker Waters (trapdoor records)
17. Skit x CVRL - Nova (Free Download)
18. CVRL x nvrmore - Twin Peaks (wavemob)
19. Sorsari - Worlds Away (Terrorhythm)
20. Rayless - Reflection (Self-Released)
21. Jam Baxter - For a Limited Time Only (High Focus Records)
22. Sorsari - Dreamcatcher (wavemob)
23. Vegard Veslelia - Passp├ąpurken (TeamSESH)
24. foxwedding - Ghost Lite (wavemob)
25. d o w n s t a t e - Morning Solvent (Self-Released)
26. astral planes - A Fall from Grace (Self-Released)
27. CLFRD - In the Dark (trapdoor records)
28. Trashlord - Howls (Deadcrow Remix) (wavemob)
29. Harukasuka - Au revoir (Self-Released)
30. Deadcrow - WiFi (Terrorhythm)
31. Klimeks - Eternally Yours (wavemob)
32. KAVERN - Healing (Self-Released)
33. NOAH B - Hearts (wavemob)
34. Kareful - Backwards (trapdoor records)
35. NYQUILL - 57 (wavemob)
36. Skit - Fractal Tears (Free Download)
37. rare - Void (wavemob)
38. xxyyxx - Witching Hour (Relief in Abstract Records)
39. Klimeks - Orca (wavemob)
40. Geode - Embrace (Chord Marauders)
41. Compa (Feat. Fox) - Take Control (Artikal Music UK)
42. Juss B - Resurrection (Uprise Audio)
43. Seven - Oasis (Uprise Audio)
44. MYSTXRIVL x Kareful - Give Everything (Self-Released)
42. Kareful & rare - Calling (wavemob)
43. Vacant - High Rise (Self-Released)

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