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A Conversation With: Kareful & Skit. Wave 002!

After months of anticipation, pioneering collective Wavemob have finally dropped their second mix tape, Wave 002. The tape dropped thursday evening around 8pm UK time, and has already had a huge response all over social media! It’s an incredible compilation, with even more character than the first, and I recommend all of you check it out as soon as possible! Just like before you can purchase the digital form or a limited edition cassette- find a link for that here .

A Conversation With: Klimeks

Hi again Wave/Chill/Soundcloud heads! I’ve been pretty silent on the blog recently, ever since my conversation with young talent KALEYN dropped, due to boring real-life things like working and moving flat, but I’m delighted to finally be able to upload this interview with none other than Wavemob frontman Klimeks!

A Conversation With: Kaelyn

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to Kaelyn, a guy with a pretty hefty Soundcloud following who recently dropped a beautiful track called ‘The Mood’, if you haven’t heard that one, check it out here – it’s getting a lot of love on Soundcloud right now, hitting over 2k likes in just over two weeks of upload.

A Review: The Yung London Showcase - A Creative Space for London’s Newest Underground Sounds

Last week, experimental collective Yung London showcased some of the freshest sounds from the UK's underground electronic scene at a party in the capital. I had the pleasure of attending - read on to see my review of the night!

A Conversation With: Foxwedding

I recently spoke to Foxwedding, a producer from the USA who pushes a really unique and arty sound, about himself as a producer and the inspiration behind his music.

A Review: Survey London at Phonox

On Wednesday 24 th Feburary, CVRL, Skit and Kareful got on the decks at Phonox club in Brixton for a Survey London event, playing alongside Plastician, P Money, Scratcha DVA, Jubilee and Chefal. I was lucky enough to be able to make it down for this, and it was definitely worth the long (and delayed) journey from Bristol! The night was pretty monumental for the Wave movement as it was the first time many of the artists involved in the Wavemob mixtape Wave 001, as well as many other heads on the scene, had met. In fact loads of my favourite names who weren’t on the billing, such as Klimeks (founder of Wavemob), Spoze, Kaleyn and Moonbaby, came down to show their support, which was great as I had the chance to meet them all! It seemed to be a moment when the online community that thrives on Soundcloud and other social media had a physical, literal presence, and this was something really special. CVRL actually flew over all the way from Copenhagen for the night; his first ever performan

A Conversation With: brothel.

It’s been a really exciting few weeks for us fans of the Wave movement. On 9 th Feb, the brilliant Wavemob released their mixtape, Wave 001, which is an exciting and pioneering collaboration of some of the very best talent on the scene. The tape received a great response, reaching the number 5 spot in the Bandcamp electronic music chart. Kareful gave us an insight into Wave in his interview with The Archives and the sound was also discussed by DJ Plastician in his insightful interview with IDJ Mag (in which the Lucid Steps blog gets a little shout out too!). What’s more, the Survey London night at Phonox in Brixton this coming Wednesday,which sees Plastician himself take to the decks alongside Wavemob members Kareful, CVRL and Skit, has been gaining some serious hype on social media. The event promises to be a big moment for the Wave scene - it's a chance for the sound to really gain some club exposure - and it will also my first opportunity to hear Wave live, which I am very e

A Conversation With: Skit. Wave 001 release!

To continue my celebration of the release of wavemob’s excellent mix tape Wave 001 - which if you haven’t heard yet (what have you been doing?!), you can listen to and purchase here - I spoke to producer and wavemob member, Skit. A guy who continually gives us quality tunes, Skit has been contributing to the wave movement for a long while, and has one of my favourite sounds on the scene. If you aren’t familiar with Skit, you certainly need to be; you can find a link to his Soundcloud here . I wanted to know about Skit’s history as a producer and his involvement with the mob, as well as his thoughts on the wave scene in general, and I think our conversation was really interesting and has shed a lot of light on the movement for me. The more I learn about the wave scene the more excited I am about it, and the more I want to push it and ensure that there are more opportunities to hear wave played live in the UK. There is actually a night on Wednesday 24 th February at Phonox in London w

A Conversation With: CVRL. Wave 001 release!

Today - 9th Feb 2016 - has seen the release of wavemob’s first ever mixtape, wave 001, and I for one am very excited about it! Anybody who follows the movement knows the mob have been pushing a very exciting and unique sound for a while now. This release has had huge anticipation among fans, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Deep, meditative and moving, the tape showcases a striking array of talent; Klimeks, Kareful, CVRL, Skit, haven, Foxwedding, Trash Lord, NYQUILL, nvrmore, rare, hnrk, Spoze and Ofdream have all contributed, making it the perfect, compact representation of the best sounds on the wave scene right now.  I urge fellow wave fans to listen to and purchase it via Bandcamp. It really is a beautiful piece of art work, and I have a feeling that we are going to look back on this release in a year or two as one of the most influential wave releases! In order to celebrate the mix tape I have been in touch with some of wavemob to find out about the tape itself,